Friday, September 16, 2011

*UPDATED* Youngstown Univ. Strike: Situation to Monitor as SIU Faculty Consider Strike

My last post consisted of links to strikes by faculty at Illinois colleges. All those strikes occurred before the Crash of 2008. I found one strike called by Youngstown State Univ. faculty (NEA affiliate) but then called off. For details, follow news stories on that story since it is running in real time as SIUC heads toward a strike vote:

*8/20: With a letter of intent to strike sent by the union, the U.S. Department of Education urged the university to withhold financial aid from students. Students rallied against being "held hostage" by the administration.



9/14: Talks resume:

9/16: Followup action from faculty activists:

NOTE: While YSU saw enrollment increase since 2000, it dropped in past few years:

I'll be contacting union officials there to find out what was involved. There was mention in one comment that a YSU professor said he couldn't afford $500 COBRA payment and was going to forgo health insurance.

If you know anyone at YSU, contact them for info. 

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