Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NEWS FLASH: Strike Fund Loan Details!!

What are the timelines, procedures, and standards related to the IEA-NEA interest-free strike loan program?

1)      You must be an enrolled IEA-NEA member at the time of the loan request and remain a member until the loan is repaid [usually a period of six month repayment.]
2)      The local must be on strike at least ten (10) work days and have the likelihood of a missed check (or  a check with reduced pay) before the interest-free loan program can be instituted. The paperwork for the loan is usually implemented in such a way that the actual check should be available at the end of a ten (10) workday period if needed.
3)      A loan may not be for more than the “net pay”, i.e., your gross pay minus payroll taxes. So for faculty and grad assistants with monthly paychecks the rule of thumb is ½ of the monthly net pay and for civil service employees it is the bi-weekly net amount.
4)      Individuals must sign the IEA-NEA loan agreement document as well as any loan documents that may be required by the lending institution. A copy of your latest pay stub is needed to substantiate the amount of the loan.
5)      More information will be provided by your local Strike Loan Committee if and when a strike action takes place.
6)      Only borrow what you absolutely need.

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