Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enrollment Numbers: SIUE, U of I Hit Record Highs, SIUC Sings the Blues

What else is new? This fall semester, SIU's Edwardsville campus saw more new students, more applications and a record number of all students on campus. Ditto University of Illinois. No need to parse out the spots of strength in an otherwise cloudy forecast. "Nothing but blue skies up ahead."

SIU-E is less expensive than SIU-C, morale seems higher (can't be lower than Carbondale!), and the infrastructure is nice on the eyes (compare Faner Hall, Housing Towers at SIUC). I wonder if professors at SIU-E watch their drip buckets to capture the leaking pipes in the offices? Probably not.


Anonymous said...

SIUE faculty aren't making as much money as you are.

i-History said...

True. I bet administrative salaries are higher too. Yippee!