Friday, September 16, 2011

Strike Fund? Questions About IEA Loans

In its strike FAQ, the FA/IEA mentions zero interest loans to cover insurance costs. Those costs may be nothing, since the state already paid SIUC for our coverage OR they may run up to the full unsubsidized insurance cost. It's all up in the air.

The question of a lending fund for strikes is key: what will IEA loans cover? Insurance, lost pay? And for how long? Is there a cap? Finally, most importantly, the IEA site mentions the generosity of other NEA affiliates in contributing to such zero interest loan funds. That suggests it is left up to the "generosity" of other locals? Or does the IEA has a central revolving fund? I asked the IEA organizer at the FA meeting yesterday and he promised to get back to me. Let's hope so because how many people have the savings to go on strike and pay the family's bills??


Kristi said...

Some of that generosity mentioned is through donation go-arounds. For example, I was at an IEA function in March and they passed the hat for Wisconsin affliates and raised about $9000 in two days. It's what individuals and locals choose to donate and, for the most part, many are very, well, generous.

i-History said...

Wisconsin was very unusual because it generated enormous heat and attention among union members. I wonder if people in Wisconsin are even aware of SIUC?

Anonymous said...

I was involved in a k-12 strike in Southern Illinois 3 years ago. The local involved received more than $25,000 from other unions from all over the US.