Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thumbs Up to DE: Coverage of Crime Investigation Makes Front Page

Image source: http://superchief.tv/columns/legal-mugging/

In a previous post, I complained that the campus does far too little to educate -- again and again -- students about avoiding crime in the area. In that post, I asked our daily newspaper, The Daily Egyptian, to report on these stories.

Well, today's issue of the Daily Egyptian has front-page coverage of recent robberies, where they have occurred, and how to prevent becoming a victim of crime on or near campus. The only suggestion I have for the DE is to possibly post the police blotters on their web site. Those of us who check know where crime is more likely to occur but it would help students too.

At any rate, this is a good sign even if it is about the uglier side of humanity. 

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Ken Mulligan said...

Last semester a student was raped in the Faner breezeway just below my office. Would not have known about it but for the flier posted near the garage; it had a security-camera photo of the perp.

Meanwhile we get monthly 'test' emails from security but never anything useful. Recall the time they sent out an APB with tips about how to rescue a child from a sinking car. Thanks a lot.