Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Libertarian Defends Professor Cronon (while blasting the hypocrisy of the Left)

Over at the leading libertarian magazine, Reason, writer Shikha Dalmia attacks conservatives for using FOIA laws to invade the privacy of historian William Cronon. At the same time, Dalmia defends Open Records laws while noting that groups may abuse their rights by going after individuals. On that score, the Left comes in for a tongue lashing for politicizing the process (and so much else in academia).

Frankly, I'm surprised that Professor Cronon was so clueless about the dangers of work email addresses. I've said it before (here, here, and here): your work email is state property and open to reading by your university or outsiders who file FOIA requests.

Bottom line: DO NOT USE YOUR .edu account for anything unrelated to work. Use another account.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Last and final offer": Full Text

The Faculty Association has it buried in their links and not on their front page. Here is the offer made by the administration and rejected by the union:


Interesting that the Board couldn't agree to an index for a future contract but did feel it necessary to be politically correct by adding "transgendered" to the language of this offer!

"Section 1.02. Gender. Unless the context in which they are used clearly requires otherwise, words used in this contract denoting gender shall refer to the masculine or feminine or transgendered."

I know we have transgendered bathrooms but do they have one in Anthony Hall? How could the two sides and three genders bargain amicably if there was no bathroom for the third gender?

More seriously, check out the changes to the contract.

*No pay raise

*ARTICLE 18: Furlough Days

*ARTICLE 19: Layoff procedures ("Reduction in Force")

Key phrase:

"19.02. If the Board decides it is necessary to fully or partially lay off Faculty members in accordance with this Article, the factors which will be considered in light of the University’s program needs, in determining which, if any, employees will be retained, are: length of full-time service at the University, including approved leaves; length of full-time service in the department, including approved leaves; educational qualifications; professional training; and professional experiences. The full or partial layoff of Faculty members in the level of organization as determined by the Board to which the layoff applies shall be in the order listed below:

a. Full-time untenured tenure-track Faculty;

b. Tenured Faculty."

*Distance Learning section stripped from the Addendum B but retained in Addendum D.