Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crime? What Crime?

Source: http://bhattlaw.com/ (see here for direct link to image)

Once again, the Southern Illinoisan reports a vicious assault on two people walking on or near campus. The silence from the university administration on "campus safety" is deafening.

Crime in the area is no secret to people outside Anthony Hall or Stone Center. In fact, Carbondale is the most crime-ridden college town in Illinois.

The last time there was such a beating near the SIU Recreation Center, the administration did unexpectedly act--by rushing to say how much (now) President Poshard loves diversity and welcomes African Americans to campus (the alleged assailants were black). The incident was surreal: the victim was lost in the race hysteria while the accused were assigned to a "dean of color" over at the law school (not normal procedure).

If the administration simply wishes the problem will go away, they are kidding themselves. (Trust me: I've been here long enough to hear all the excuses and spinning of crime statistics).

Let's hope that the Daily Egyptian can start running a police blotter for both the campus and Carbondale. Doing a series of articles on crime victims would help too. They have written about every other imaginable group on campus.

Until the administration and Carbondale get this problem under control, SIUC will deserve its reputation, if not as most crime-ridden, then as the "Capital of Denial."


paranoid said...

The Carbondale Times posts crimes for both the city and the university. Campus Police put their recent crime log online.

testing05401 said...

But what does the campus administration do or say? And how many people find their way to DPS log?

Perhaps this is one reason why SIUC is so heavily male while other campuses are heavily female?

testing05401 said...

DE responds to the incident. Good for them. Let's see 'em keep it up and make our campus and environs safe!