Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Sustainability is a Waste: 10 Reasons to Oppose the Sustainability Movement on Your Campus"

The above link relates to issues I raised with the Sustainability Scam back in November 2008. See also "Plants Have Rights Too!"

Even in hard times, gullible people are willing to give up their money and their freedom to a radical movement that is "anti-rational." Let's stop the waste of money on "third circle" projects (see my link above) and devote it to students, books and learning.


paranoid said...


$955,00 here
$80,000 there
aren't what I'd call waste.

i-History said...

There is nothing wrong with the cost-beneficial conservation you cite. But, as all the links note, this universally accepted policy is used as a cover for far more controversial measures.

Your point only reiterates how cleverly the "Sustainable" radicals have used common sense conservation to promote their more radical notions (including things like the "precautionary principle").

paranoid said...

I think you believe that organizations will make "common sense" decisions about facilities, equipment, and operations without explicitly making sustainability a priority. I am not convinced that they will. Often "common sense" decisions require looking at costs over longer time periods than year-to-year budgeting that many organizations do.