Monday, September 14, 2009

Low Graduation Rates: Are We Admitting Too Many Students?

Labor economist Richard Vedder has a provocative article discussing the waste and heartbreak associated with low graduation rates (my own university has a six-year graduation rate of 40% for incoming freshmen, not unusual and much higher than some other Illinois universities).

Vedder suggests that low graduation rates, coupled with underemployment of so many college graduates, translates into a society madly shoving students to go to college "or else" their lives will be miserable. Perhaps we need to rethink that proposition, not a popular one when colleges are desperately trying to scoop up any warm bodies to "stay alive" during these hard times.

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Anonymous said...

I think we are up to 43% now. WuHoo!

With more pro-labor labor laws the wages of service sector jobs may improve. Then fewer people will feel that the 4-year college "experience" is a must for all.