Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Laws Free

Ignorance is no excuse for violating the law, but it will cost you big time if you want to read the laws passed by California.

I spent the past several years navigating the corporate welfare swamp of copyright but this has to top it all. Laws were the one area that was always public domain (read: copyright free). Now states charge citizens (subjects?) to read the laws that govern them? How much would the U.S. Constitution cost if they slapped copyright on it? Has any one informed Governor Blago that this is a revenue-raising device?

If you want to read the laws the government of California doesn't want you to read, go to

Malamud also persuaded C-Span to make its vast video archive of Congress available for free. Surely, he earns "Buy This Guy a Bud" points with me!


Brian Birdnow said...

This sounds like a perfect illustration of the coming Obama Age!

Alex said...

So much for "government transparency"