Friday, November 28, 2008

Dankprofessor: SIU Ban on Relationships is "Bad"

FreeU attracted the attention of the dankprofessor who critiqued SIU's proposed ban on consensual relationships.

[MODERATOR: The administration's proposal is a flat-out ban--no "ifs, ands, or buts." What does one do with those married and in a "power differential?" Presumably they need not divorce. Ah, but what of gay couples? Will they have to sign one of those domestic partner forms the university issues to "married-like" gay spouses? Furthermore, where does one find life partners, straight or gay? At work, of course, so my recommendation to any one hired at SIU-C is "BYOS." Bring Your Own Spouse before you place your boots on Saluki ground.


Anonymous said...

Faculty-sorority/fraternity orgies, any one? Look at the eyesore William & Mary got over faculty and students engaging in sex -- defended by one W&M prof as aiding in the "education" of his unexperienced female students.

Anonymous said...

There was a case where a student and professor were engaged in a consensual relationship. Another professor, who apparently wasn't busy enough with her own life, discovered the relationship and smeared the names of both throughout their department. Not only did this damage the professor's reputation, but it seriously damaged the student's. Some faculty began to encourage her to press charges -- God forbid an adult woman be able to decide with whom she will have sex. It must have been coerced by His Evil Maleness. This hurt her chances for a number of awards and recommendation letters, too.

So glad that this sort of "outting" will now become POLICY.