Sunday, March 4, 2012

When to Quit Your Job: Sound like SIU?

Each Sunday morning, the Chronicle of Higher Education sends me a weekly email listing feature articles. The article "When to Quit Your Job" caught my eye based on the summary about an institution that never seemed to improve no matter how hard we all try.

It isn't a perfect fit (my department is fine and my chair isn't a horrible boss but perhaps people have horrible bosses higher up?).

I am not saying "this is SIU!" I am saying "some of it hits home." Perhaps it hits home with people at any school. I'll let you decide.


Dave Johnson said...

It's worth noting that the author is a staffer, not a prof. We profs can, if we are wise enough, escape into our own teaching and research, which university administrators can only screw up to a certain extent--mainly by loading us with service work that turns us into staffer ourselves. Of course, if one is complaining about service work by posting obsessively on a blog, then one has only oneself to blame. Experto crede.

Anonymous said...

Several decades ago, the tactic used by some departments and administrators was to pile on the work (service) so tenure-track faculty fail to get tenure. As a result, several misguided individuals fought to get on committees only to find that this did not do them any good when it came to tenure and promotion decisions. One can eascape into one's research and teaching and gain satisfaction from it despite the fact that Cheng and Poshard are running SIUC into the ground.