Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I Voted "No" to a Strike

As a member of the Faculty Association, I explained in late September why I voted "no" to a strike. I have never accepted the notion of "my union, right or wrong" any more than I would accept the false patriotism of "my country, right or wrong."

So, here I am teaching today as I always do. My hallway is empty but others show no sign of any change. Indeed, the number of faculty on strike varies enormously by department: virtually nothing has changed in some departments. In other departments, the majority of faculty are on strike. 

I hope the FA comes to a settlement with the administration sooner rather than later. My guess is sooner but we shall see. 

As a recap, here is Part II of the "Why I Will Vote 'No' to a Strike" blog I posted some time ago. Part I deals extensively with the union fears over tenure and financial exigency. I don't find those fears realistic or rising to the level of strike but many faculty do. Can that bridge be crossed between the FA and the Board? Again, let's hope so!

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pkd said...

Did any students miss class, claiming a show of solidarity with the strikers?

i-History said...

Whose class? I didn't notice a difference in mine. Of course it looks like people did miss classes elsewhere according to widespread accounts.