Tuesday, May 31, 2011

By the Numbers: What's Your Major Worth?

At the risk of incurring the wrath of humanities types who are loath to put a dollar sign on the "pricelessness" of what they/we offer, here is a great report on which majors pay how much:


Mostly common sense: engineering majors make more than any other group. Wide variance within the Humanities, with History at the top (yeah!) with $57,000 and Theology/Religious Vocations at the bottom. The latter, of course, "store up their treasure in heaven." If you exclude the heaven-rich category, Intercultural or International Studies is the lowest paid degree.

Just as my college kicks off a Global Studies focus. I knew it would be a hard sell, up there with "I spent four years learning how to 'sustain' the Earth!"


Dave Johnson said...

Actually, we humanities types prefer to use "loathe" as the verb form, though we are loath to pride ourselves on such pedantry. It just doesn't pay.

i-History said...


Actually, I did mean the adjective not the verb and so reworded it to "loath" (proper form). http://englishplus.com/grammar/00000238.htm

See change.