Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freedom from Fear: Crime and the Diversity Hustle

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By now, most Americans have watched the newscast on the brutal killing of Chicago honors student Derrion Albert.

FDR made "freedom from fear" one of his Four Freedoms. Many Chicago students flee to my rural university to secure "freedom from fear." They escape gang violence and the prospect of ending up in jail. They are the Derrion Alberts of the world--kids who want to start over.

Alas, college administrators--in the name of "diversity"--promote gang magnet events such as our Player's Ball: a fraternity-sponsored event with "pimps," "hoes," and "bitches."

Guilty white administrators cave to demands for "urban culture." After all, "it's a black thing." Diversity officials remain silent (privately, they do not approve but "what are we going to do?").

The same administrators ban credit card vendors on campus, squelch "hate speech" (a term never applied in this context) but will not lift a finger to "do the right thing." At the very least, campus officials could use their bully pulpit and authority to criticize these events.

One of my former students escaped his gang, became an honors student and attended the "Ball" in his second year. At the Ball, gang members searched him out and put a "hit" on his head for leaving them. Several of us found a way to relocate him but ultimately this student left for another university.

That is not education, it is exodus.

Since administrators and diversity deans do nothing, say nothing, hear nothing, I call them out: "Shame on you!"

Derrion Albert could have been one of my students, if he lived to attend college. For the Derrions of the world, those of us who teach or lead need to speak up.

R.I.P. Derrion Albert

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OMW said...

Young Derrion's case was, as is well known, not an isolated instance. Our President, among others, called attention to the over-arching issues involved through his 2004 Democratic keynote address. He loudly criticized a culture that condemns children as "white" if they read. There were several instances in the last school year in which children were killed for not wanting to join gangs and/or being good students like Derrion. Yet the educational establishment expresses only a thundering silence and continues to advocate for "multiculturalism" and beg Congress for more money. There are words for this sort of thing, but they are better spoken than written. Prayers to Derrion's family and all those who are fighting to see their children have a more fulfilling life.