Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Time at College! Bailout for Higher Education?

It really is Christmas time! With every interest in line for the fiat currency pumping from Congress and the Fed printing presses, why not higher education?
We feel pain, certainly, and if there is any time to rush in for "free money" it is now. We shall see where higher ed comes in the priority list of the Obama administration. The Christmas tree is already laden with many ornaments (tin cars, wooden-nickel banks, and tinsel to cover any bare spots in the tree).

I'm not "Green" but if the infrastructure money is spent on green buildings, I'll take a move out of the East Berlin architectural style of Faner Hall.

On the other hand, if the money moves quickly in block-grant form to our esteemed governor and Chicago pols, one can only imagine the possibilities. Will the money trickle down to southern Illinois?

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Anonymous said...

This only makes sense! The only reason we are in the economic mess that we are in, (according to the leaders of these higher education institutions) is that we have not been governed by the "intellectual elite."

Of course, the brightest economic team, as well as the brightest group of intellectuals will be reclaiming the White House, and the group that America would rather "drink a beer with" will be gone. We can only wait!

We have waited too long, and it is time to go back to the tried and true policies of big government to get us out of this malaise. Just like FDR's policies (who Obama wants to emulate....and caused the Great Depression to last much longer than it should have) and LBJ's War on Poverty (which has locked in a large group of Americans to a cycle of welfare addiction), and Bush's policies of bailing out corporations (which have done nothing to improve conditions and encourage and reward corruption).

It is only prudent that the our federal government bail out the glorious higher education institutions that these intellectual elites came from!

One of these days, we'll have a group of government leaders....I could care less if I could "drink a beer with"...who actually believe that our government does not create wealth but only takes it away, is often the problem not the solution, and that bailing out the taxpayer by ways of leaving them alone and letting them keep more of what they earn, is the best way of governing.

Until then, I will simply wait and enjoy the virtues of intellectual elitism, (even though they apparently aren't smart enough to run an effecient institution) and save up plenty of money to send my child to one of these glorious institutions.