Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chancellor is Shocked! Shocked!

Apparently, top campus administrators jump when receiving complaints from feminists and pro-choice folk. In today's Daily Egyptian, the Chancellor explained that he was forced by the First Amendment and legal counsel to allow the graphic antiabortion display yesterday. But he agreed with the side that found it "disturbing." This is the same university that covered the picture of a woman's partially-exposed derriere because children might see it. Shades of John Ashcroft! (The former Attorney General famously draped cloth over the statuesque breast of Lady Justice).

In today's letter, Chancellor Goldman called for "civil discussion and debate, [so that ] reasonable people can weigh the pros and cons of the position taken by this or any organization and form their own opinions and conclusions" [about abortion].

Goldman didn't think the graphic display produced civil discussion and debate. The next submission (by Will Reilly) suggests that civil debate did result from the display. Read Reilly and make up your "own opinions and conclusions."

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